On the rise, Rene Wise: meet the 22-year-old DJ redefining groovy techno

UK Brighton-born 22-year-old DJ and producer Rene Wise (Andrew Shobeiri) is making his move. With only two years of professional experience in playing gigs, Rene Wise has defined a new sound, played in Berghain twice, has a digital EP on Mark Broom’s label Beardman and a third release coming up on Luke Slater’s label Mote-Evolver. His hypnotic sound has received support from the likes of big names such as Blawan, DVS1, Rødhad and Freddy K.

Rene Wise’s sound oscillates between deep hypnotizing melodies and rolling grooves, building up tension on a rhythm of fast BPMs, emanating from Andrew’s love for the fast energy of classic 90’s techno, ultimately delivering a frenetic cadence that is alluring to the exploring mind, and nourishes the hip-shaker.

His feeling for rhythms in electronic music stems from his early drumming years. ‘I started drumming when I was 7 years old which I continued doing until I was 13. That was when I discovered electronic music and started experimenting. At that time, I didn’t realize the significance of learning about rhythms. Now that I’m older and producing music, I realize how important my past in drumming has been, my feeling for rhythm has become visceral and central in my sound.’

When asked what inspires him for his sound he explains: ‘Sometimes the best way to get inspiration to make techno, is to not listen to techno. I think this can stagnate things a lot, you’re working in generic ways which won’t emulate. In other words, you’re not thinking outside of the box.’

For Andrew this means drawing inspiration from other genres like the rhythms of samba and bossa nova (a fusion between samba and jazz). ‘Because of its polyrhythmic capacity, it’s easy to break that down and fuse it with techno music. It’s the crossover between these sounds that I try to incorporate into my music.’

His specific sound has gained Rene Wise popularity amongst the techno-elite of DJs that have inspired his sound in the first place, with amongst others Blawan, Rødhad, Freddy K, DVS1 and Luke Slater playing his tracks.

With a nascent career, Andrew had never foreseen playing in Berghain at the age of 21. ‘After my release on Luke’s label Mote-Evolver last year – which was already one of the farfetched goals I had already accomplished – I was asked to play in Berghain one month later. It felt surreal to me, I had only started listening to techno three years before that and I was 18 when I attended the first techno party at Fabric in London with Ben Klock playing. Suddenly three years later, I’m playing in Berghain with only one year of professional experience in gigs. Actually, the first time I played there, was the first time I went to the club as well. The pressure was insane but it was a life-changing weekend. They then asked me to play again in April.’

The past year Rene Wise has left his mark behind in other countries as well, with gigs in Cape Town, Dublin, Barcelona and amongst others London’s favourite afterhours venue ‘Jaded’.

In November, Andrew played at the new established rave event ‘Embodiment’ in the Netherlands which aims on breathing new life into Rotterdam’s rave scene. For his upcoming gigs, Rene Wise will make his debut in Amsterdam at VAULT sessions in club Shelter on the 27th of December and has more gigs coming up within the rave scene of Amsterdam in 2020.

Andrew hints on another Split EP with Deniro, which will come out in the beginning of 2020 and another EP on Mote-Evolver and Dustin Zahn’s label ‘Enemy’.

Stay up to date on Rene Wise’s upcoming gigs, for more of his music you can visit his Soundcloud and for news on his releases you can follow him on Facebook.

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