These 10 tracks defined electronic music in 2019

2019 has definitely been a year with a twist for electronic music. We’re still on a course of redefining the harder techno sound. In the past years, we’ve seen the comeback of trance elements infused with techno. The quick rise of DJs like Schacke, Courtesy and Mama Snake have shed light on the Danish sound. The fast 140 BPM melodious and uncompromising music coming from Copenhagen emphasizes that what can be soft, can be powerful at the same time. This emotive techno is a counter reaction to the industrial, bleek, minimal techno of the past, highlighting the grace of emotions in harder electronic music. If 140 BPM is not enough, 2019 has seen the rise of gabber in sets with DJs like VTSS, Cera Khin, KI/KI and Ida Engelhardt upping the game. 

Generally, music is faster, more melodious and there’s more cross-genre mixing than ever. These 10 tracks set the standard for Cadence Culture – and undoubtedly, the Danish sound is ranking high this year.

Hector Oaks – We Met Under The Strobe Light [OAKS]

The title alone leaves room for imagination, meeting that one desired person under the strobe light while two-stepping the way through this track. Oaks isn’t lying when he says Often Plus Never Minus and he proves so with his track We Met Under The Strobe Light, getting you into a trance with his melodious and evidently hard sound. 

Octo Octa – Spin Girl, Let’s Activate! [T4T Luv NRG]

Octo Octa and Eris Drew are most definitely the artists of the year. With their T4T Luv NRG tour, they spread their love for each other and for music through the timeless disco, break and rave tunes, leaving us behind filled with love and joy, but aching for more. Aside from being partners, Octo Octa and Eris Drew played more B2B sets than any other year and launched the label together which is set on releasing ‘limited edition alchemical objects for use in DJing, dancing, kissing and crying.’ ‘’Spin Girl, Let’s Activate,’’ is one of those tracks that bring you back to the DJ booth in Amsterdam’s Club De School ‘Het Muzieklokaal’ or literally translated ‘The Music Classroom’, for a Sunday matinée.

Anetha, Sugar – Candy from Strangers [Mama Told Ya]

Released on her new label ‘Mama Told Ya’ French architect, DJ, label and producer Anetha, collaborates with Danish DJ, producer and co-founder of Fast Forward Productions, Sugar. Anetha is on the forefront of rising French DJs and Sugar has been at the centre of building the strong and fast techno driven community that Copenhagen has right now. The first EP on the label is called ‘Don’t Rush To Grow Up’ and all of its tracks are noteworthy. With Candy From Strangers, Sugar and Anetha breathe new life to techno-trance, giving trance of the past a modern day touch.

Schacke – Met Her At The Herrensauna (DJ Ibon’s Club Mix) [Interstate Records]

The sound from Copenhagen is coming in strong. Schacke is known for his unique take on techno, add DJ Ibon to that for infusing it with more trance-y elements, upping the BPM’s and creating a story out of it and you get the golden combination. This beautiful track leaves you introspective on the dancefloor, feeling all kinds of emotions.

Curses – Surrender (Jennifer Cardini Remix) [DISCHI AUTUNNO]

Panorama Bar Monday morning closing – eat your heart out. The original released track by Curses was given a revamp by Jennifer Cardini, who gives the post-punk new wave track with its alluring vocals a retouch with a good beat and a twist of acid. Released on the label Dischi Autunno.

Repro – Stamina/Limitless [EUROMANTIC]

Alexander Salomonsen also known as Repro, is a DJ we should all look out for. Co-running the label Euromantic and forming a duo with Adam Askov as Funeral Future, he is the master in producing fast, strong emo-techno. Stamina/Limitless – released on Euromantic004: Post-Nostalgia – is one that brings you ambivalence, making you feel both positive and negative emotions and highlighting the grace in both. The track is a representation of the high quality standard of music they maintain in the Danish capital.

Identified Patient & Sophie du Palais – Crush on you [Pinkman]

The track taken from the EP of Don’t Exclude Anything – has sex written all over it. Identified Patient’s track combines elements of new beat, retro acid and a touch of EBM, leaving you with the desire to lower your retro sunglasses, take out your fan and lip-sync this track all over.

Third Wife – Gone [KULØR]

[1:23:00 – 1:26:30] Unreleased, yet heard in Courtesy’s BBC Essential Mix of 2019, is Third Wife’s track ‘Gone’ which will be released on the upcoming EP of Kulør – Courtesy’s label which translates to ‘colour.’ The beauty of this track is unmeasurable and can be marked as positive techno.

Shanti Celeste – Sesame [Peach discs]

Shanti Celeste is a Chilean DJ who grew up in Bristol and is often seen with a big smile while playing. She takes people by surprise with her refreshing and uplifting, electro house and techno music. ‘Sesame,’ released on the album ‘Tangerine’ is a track that takes you back to the warm summer breeze days.

Resonant Pole – All I Have Is My Weakness [Pagan Fears]

Pagan Fears is a techno imprint run by Danish techno DJ Resonant Pole, known for his releases on TRTLNCK label. All I Have Is My Weakness is another fast, trance and emotive, masterpiece coming from Copenhagen, leaving behind a feeling of running away from something.