Watch ‘midnight frontier’: a new documentary about club bassiani’s role in LGBTQI+ activism in tbilisi

Everyone has read about the rave protests that took place in front of Tbilisi’s parliament in 2018, after club Bassiani was brutally raided by armed police forces. But what is behind this story? The documentary ‘Midnight Frontier’ by Peter van Langen explores the role of club Bassiani’s role in LGBTQI+ activism in Tbilisi, Georgia.

What is it like to be a part of the LGBTQI+ community in a country that has a mostly conservative and and homophobic society? The co-founder of club Bassiani and co-founders of the queer Horoom Nights, talk about the events that happened on the International Day Against Homophobia – where they were attacked and had to run from a protest by thousands of anti-gay activists, led by the church.

They fought back by setting up a club underneath a football arena. It became the hotbed for queer resistance. How did Bassiani use the dance floor as a political tool to start a movement for social change?

Producer & Director: Peter van Langen
Co-director: Iris-sanne van der Aar
Cinematographer: Charlie Feld
Editor: Lianne Kotte
Editor trailer: Tim Straver
Color Grader: Charlie Feld
Sound Designer: Max Oostveen
Composers: Sebastian Böldt, Philipp Fromme
Graphic Designer: Peter van Langen

Naja Orashvili (Co-founder club Bassiani)
Giorgi Kikonishvili (Co-founder Horoom Nights)
Mari Kurtanidze (Co-founder Horoom Nights)
Tornike Kusiani (Co-founder Horoom Nights

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