My name is David Wouters, journalist and founder of Cadence Culture. I write about the international electronic music scene and its connection to other fields with a focus on personal stories. I’ve written pieces about the crypto-rave, dance and politics, did scene studies in cities like Paris, Copenhagen and Amsterdam and wrote my bachelor thesis on how Berlin’s electronic music scene copes with tourism and I was a guest at the talk show of the night table for Amsterdam Dance Event.

The articles for Cadence Culture are based on what inspires me at that exact moment. I’m inspired by the philosophy of electronic music culture and how it extends itself to deeper socio-political themes, electronic music scenes in other countries and by people’s personal stories.

My interest in music journalism started as a small-town-boy of 17, reading about a club in Berlin called Berghain. Having experienced just one electronic music event in my life, I decided to go on a solo-visit to Berlin at the age of 19 and visit a club that would unknowingly change the course of my life. Inside of the club’s concrete walls, I learned the value of being and becoming open-minded, it became apparent to me that I could be anyone I wanted to be, it wouldn’t matter, because in this place everyone’s equal on the dance floor. I took off my shirt and danced away the night.

At one point a half-naked woman danced next to me, fluttering from beat to beat with her eyes closed. Next to her was a tourist fist-pumping all the while gazing at her breasts with a rather surprised look on his face. She provided him with an annoyed glance and moved further on the dancefloor. Interesting, I thought to myself, how the impact of tourism extends itself to impacts in nightlife. As an International Tourism Management student at that time, I decided to write an essay on it. Later, the essay became my bachelor thesis, returning to Berlin at the age of 21 to write about how Berlin’s electronic music scene copes with tourism. 

Meanwhile, I visited many other countries and explored diverse rave scenes, moved to Amsterdam and quickly got acquainted with the electronic music scene but even more importantly met many interesting people who were carrying diverse and exciting stories with them. It came to a point where I wondered why there was no one documenting these stories. In the meantime, I graduated and felt an incredible gap, not writing about electronic music anymore. I felt that there were still too many stories that had to be told. That’s when Cadence Culture was born in the spring of 2019. I decided to set up my own blog and write articles that have a focus on connecting and come with a personal touch.